Ice Melt Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Natural Alternative® Ice Melt Over Sodium or Calcium Chloride?

Traditional ice melter products (rock salt, sodium and calcium chloride) can be very damaging to the soil, plants, and lawns it comes in contact with. They are also highly corrosive to metals and normally lose their melting effectiveness at 15ºF. Calcium chloride may cause severe skin burns or rashes to people and pets and is very slippery when wet.

On the other hand, Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is much better for the environment, because it does not contain high concentrations of salt and for the same reason reduces corrosive activity. Unlike calcium chloride, Natural Alternative® Ice Melt does not get slippery when wet, reducing injuries from falls. Whether it is 32ºF or -12ºF, Natural Alternative® Ice Melt outperforms other traditional ice melter products in numerous ways.

  How Fast & How Long Will Natural Alternative® Ice Melt Work?

It is always best to apply Natural Alternative® Ice Melt prior to snowfall. However, as soon as our product comes in contact with moisture, it begins to form a brine melting ice and snow immediately. One of the unique benefits of this product is that it lasts longer than most competitive ice melter products. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is treated with an ingredient preventing ice and snow from refreezing, minimizing continued slippery conditions.

  Does Natural Alternative® Ice Melt Have Any Potential Effects On Concrete?

As long as the concrete or walkways are cured (more than a year old) and are not damaged, Natural Alternative® Ice Melt minimizes cracking and flaking.

  Are there side effects to turf and desirable vegetation from Natural Alternative® Ice Melt?

High concentrations of sodium or salt can kill turf and damage vegetation. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt does not contain high percentages of these ingredients and therefore, is much gentler for lawns and the environment.

How does particle size and shape influence the melting capabilities of Natural Alternative® Ice Melt?

Because of the angular shape of Natural Alternative® Ice Melt, more of the ice melt is in contact with the snow or ice. The more contact, the quicker the ice and snow melts.

  How long can I store Natural Alternative® Ice Melt?

Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is non-hydroscopic. Since it does not absorb moisture, it has an almost unlimited shelf life providing it stays in an area that is dry.

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