Ice Melt Benefits

Thank you for considering using the hardest working environmentally safer ice melter for the harshest of winter conditions.

Here's why Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is used by leading companies throughout the United States.

High Performing To Minus 12°F
Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is a 4-way blend of powerful de-icing components geared to outperform salt, potassium chloride, urea, and other leading brands of ice melter by melting more ice faster even in extreme cold (to minus 12°F).

Easy To Use
All ice melters work best if used prior to precipitation. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt can be applied at the rate of 1-4 pounds per 500 square feet depending on the amount of snow or ice present.

Less Potential Damage To Concrete
Repetitive freeze and thaw cycles cause ongoing damage to concrete, walkways, and driveways. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt resists these continuous freeze and thaw cycles minimizing concrete damage.

Product Uniformity
Angular shaped granules are screened and sized to consistently outperform spherical pellets by having more surface contact resulting in maximum melting performance.

Different Sizes Available
Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is available in a 9 pound shaker jug, plus a 20 and 50 pound plastic bag. The 20 pound bag has a convenient carrying handle for ease of transport.

No Messy Carpets
Many ice melters get tracked indoors and leave carpets and floors stained. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt leaves no greasy residue and is gentle on both leather shoes and floors.

Longer Shelf Life
Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is non-hydroscopic and is treated with anti-caking agents for prolonged shelf life, minimizing storage problems.

Safer For Trees, Shrubs, & Vegetation
Since Natural Alternative® Ice Melt does not contain high concentrations of sodium or calcium, it is gentle on vegetation and turf and better for the environment.

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